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Aurora borealis

Northern lights, powered by nature


Roaring rivers

The roaring rivers run wild and free


The midnight light

During summer, the sun barely sets for 100 days


Eco safety driving on ice

Katja, ice driving instructor in bio-gas fuelled car

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For centuries, people harnessed the wind and water's energy for power and electricity and it developed into a clean, abundant and free solution to tackling global warming.

By encouraging green design to be incorporated in the municipality, our local government can improve energy efficiency and prepare for increased future use of renewable energy.

One of the most spectacular manifestations of energy in nature is, no doubt, the Northen Lights. We see them often here on clear winter nights, swirling in a wild and carefree dance across the sky in dramatic shapes, colors, patterns and sizes. It is just an atmospheric phenomenon, we have been told, but we all welcome it with the same enthusiasm and astonishment. As a matter of fact, we are convinced that these magical light shows are "dancing spirits"...Please, don't tell the superstitious!

Golden eagle


The region of Skellefteå holds a complex array of subarctic wildlife

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Technical visits

Technical Visits

Skellefteå is known for biogas, wood constructions and the gold industry

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